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    Thanks everyone for voting this month. In August we had a total of 3189 votes!
    The top 3 voters will receive a message with their rewards within 12 hours.

    Here are the top 5 voters of this month:
    #1. @Diggy_Dex - 195 votes - €20 Euro Instore Credit
    #2. @hawtline - 155 votes - €10 Euro Instore Credit
    #3. @Frietjee - 150 votes
    4. @laurenhouse4356 - 121 votes - €5 Euro Instore Credit
    5. @MyNameIsLars - 99 votes

    We are really grateful that you guys keep voting for the server!
    As promised the top 3 players will receive their giftcard, if we can't reach you with whatever reason there is, please contact me and I'll respond as fast as possible.

    Please note that we have changed the reward system.

    As of june 2020, you are only eligible for one consecutive reward payout. This means that if you receive a prize for your votes in June, you will not receive a prize in July. If you reach the top voter list in August, though, you will again be eligible for a reward payout.

    We are implementing this measure to even the playing field and give more of our players the opportunity to win our vote prizes.

    From this month on we will halve the reward credits!

    Keep voting and become the top 3 for September!

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