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    Dear players of HollandCraft,

    Since the release of HCX we've had issues with the skyblock plugin. That's why we've decided to purchase a premium plugin! This plugin has more (exciting) features like island upgrading, time and weather change per island, player banning (for your island) and more!
    We also added TreeAssist, PlayerVaults, Challenges, a sellshop on spawn and some stuff with farming.
    Donator island is a thing again as well and Blazes, Wither skeletons and Guardians are also able to spawn on your island (in the correct place of course)!

    If you haven't seen it, here's the announcement for the upgrade.

    I'd also like to thank @PierreTheBoss , @steeltjerepel and @Firepownage for all the testing they've done and fighting through some really nasty bugs.

    Please help us out by reporting bugs and leaving suggestions on discord or on the forums. :)

    Yours faithfully,
    The HollandCraft staff team

    p.s. As a kind-of compensation for deleting your old islands, everyone gets a starting kit and 10x the amount of money when first starting.
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