Make hc great again ?

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    people who think hc can get good. stop thinking about it. I've been seeing a lot of posts about how Michel doesn't care about the server, not improving the server and all that. seriously, I agree Michel is lazy ( no offense ) but the staff can't do it alone, without coordination and Michel trying to help them and guide them. giving suggestions is easy, but implementing them is hard. it takes time to do some shit. if you force them to do it, even they lose interest. if you don't like to play HC, think it is dead and it's boring, then there are a lot of other servers. ofc your friends won't be there but you can invite them there and you can always make new friends. for those who are trying to improve HC, I wish good luck to them and I know some people want to revive HC, but it won't happen unless Michel listens to people and takes action.I am not telling others not to give suggestions, but ofc you have the right to suggest. this post is not to offend anyone respectively.
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