Introducing the Survival Market

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    Survival Market

    Dear players,

    As you know, the survival team always tries its very best to keep the survival economy in good shape, to ensure a dynamic and challenging player experience. This July, we reopened the sellshop, but with the side note that we wanted to encourage players to create their own shops.

    However, a problem we saw much non-donators struggle with, is the fact that they cannot set warps to their shops. They need ranked players to set their warps or they simply ask people to teleport to them.

    The survival team wants to help these players take part in a well running economy. That's why I'm happy to announce that we built a marketplace for Knights to participate in the business traffic.

    The warp to this marketplace is /warp market.

    So how does it work?

    There are 4 wings (ABCD) of 8 shops, which makes for a total of 32 shops. These shops are already equipped with chests.

    To occupy a shop room, you must:
    1. Have played on the survival server for some time.
    2. Be a nice and well-behaved player.

    If you meet these prerequisites, please contact me (@LuukDMM) for a shop room of your own.

    Rules for shopkeepers.

    1. The marketplace is claimed. When you occupy a shop room, you will receive a subdivison claim where you can build in order to make your shop. It is not allowed to alter or destroy in any way the area outside of your claim.
    2. The shops are prebuilt. We want to encourage everyone to decorate their own shop however they like. It is allowed to remove the floor and build down to expand your shop, but it is not allowed to alter or destroy the roof of your shop.
    3. If you ever leave the marketplace for whatever reason, we expect you to leave your shop behind the same way you found it.
    4. You are responsible for your own shop. Do not expect others to restock.
    5. Please do not become inactive for a long period without letting us know. Depending on the popularity, people might be waiting to get a shop, in which case your shop might be removed if you haven't been on for 30 days or more.
    6. The marketplace is Knight-only (because donators can set warps to their own shops). If you have a shop and buy a rank later, you can keep using the shop until all other shops are occupied and a new player wants to have a shop as well.

    Please abide to these rules, so we can keep the market a nice and happy place of trade and commerce.

    The marketplace is of course free to use. We do not charge Survival Credits to occupy a shop room. Do keep in mind however, that creating a shop chest costs 100 SC.


    A-1: EvilGuy7
    A-2: LisTeNingFoX25
    A-3: vinicius340gamer
    A-4: Bebellagamer77
    A-5: Skyr_
    A-6: ItsLogaan
    A-7: forgot the name, will check tomorrow.
    A-8: SouEuh

    B-1: Fusion1449
    B-2: Lazy_Blue
    B-3: Available!
    B-4: Available!
    B-5: Available!
    B-6: Available!
    B-7: Available!
    B-8: Available!

    C-wing coming soon

    D-wing coming soon

    Finally, I'd like to thank survival afficionado Sosse for bringing the idea of a market for Knights to my attention and helping me design the marketplace.

    I hope to see a lot of shopkeepers and customers on the marketplace soon!


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    I want to use this too ;-;

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