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    Hello fellow HollandCraft-players and welcome to this little tutorial to help to you earn some money in the survival server!

    If you've just joined Holland Craft or you don't have a lot of Minecraft-experience, first of all you should know what you can do with money, also called credits!
    By following the steps in this tutorial, you will earn yourself credits. These will be added to your balance. You can check your balance at any time by typing "/bal" or "/balance". This is basically the amount of money you own! You can use credits to buy items from the sellshop at spawn or to buy items from other players.
    Now I'll be telling you some ways to easily earn money! Let's go!

    This is probably the easiest way to earn some quick cash!
    Every 24 hours you can vote on Holland Craft on several sites. To vote, you have to type "/vote" and click the link. Fill in the requirements (it's completely safe!) and you have voted! You'll be rewarded immediately with food, blocks, a vote-key and 100 credits for every link! There are 6 links in total, so you can earn 600 credits every 24 hours! Donators receive a vote multiplier as well!

    As mentioned above, you earn crate Vote-keys for voting, one for each vote. Opening (Vote-)crates also gives you a small chance to earn credits! These are the chances of receiving credits from each crate.

    Vote crate: 100 credits, 10% | 250 credits, 5% | 500 credits, 2%
    Common crate: 500 credits, 10% | 750 credits, 5% | 1000 credits, 2%
    Rare crate: 1000 credits, 10% | 1250 credits, 5% | 1500 credits, 2%
    Mythical crate: 1500 credits, 10% | 1750 credits, 5% | 2000 credits, 2%
    Shop crate: 2000 credits, 15% | 2250 credits, 12% | 2500 credits, 9% | 2750 credits, 6% | 3000 credits, 3%

    Keep in mind that you can also sell your vote keys for more credits!

    Survival Sellshop
    The sellshop-system has recently been added into the Survival server.
    Now it is possible to sell your items at /warp sellshop.
    The main things you can sell are farmable items (such as sugar cane, pumpkins, etc.)
    These are very easy to obtain by making (small) farms.
    A better explanation:

    Your own shop
    It's also possible to create your own sellshops!
    You can sell items and choose the prices yourself.
    There is a great tutorial on how to make these shops at spawn, you should check it out for the details!

    Auction House
    The final possibility to sell your items is the Auction House.
    You can open the menu by typing "/auction" or "/auc".
    To start an auction, hold the item you want to sell and typ "/auction start"
    Follow the steps that pop up.
    As soon as you've finished these steps, players will be able to bid for your item(s).

    If you still don't have enough money after following the steps in this tutorial, please DO NOT beg other players for money. It's very irritating for other players and they probably won't give you credits either.

    I hope this tutorial helped you in earning money on the HollandCraft Survival-server!
    If I made any mistakes or forgot any crucial steps, please let me know!
    You can also always ask me questions on the server or under this thread.

    Have a nice day!
    - David / mandzia
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    I should also mention that my English isn't currently at it's best! Sorry if I made any mistakes, but I hope you can still understand!
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    Some good tips!
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