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    Dear players,

    This is the moment you've all been waiting for! The release of Eggwars!

    Why did we pick Eggwars?
    We've been noticing that the minecraft community is more interested in minigames rather than the old fashioned server like creative and survival. That's why we decided to add Eggwars. Eggwars is a minigame that still is popular in the minecraft community.

    The maps!
    We have different maps that will have certain themes, most of them are built by staff members. You can choose between solo mode and teams!

    What is Eggwars?
    Eggwars is a pvp based minigame where each team/player will have to collect resources from generators. Buy blocks or weapons to defend your egg or destroy the other teams/players their egg in order to reign supreme!

    What do we have for our donators who support the server?
    Every donator rank will have access to trails and effect you can show of in game when you are playing against other players!

    We also added a preview photo down below. ;)

    Best regards,
    martijnpu & the Staff team.

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