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    [If you know me, or if you ever saw me you must see this thread, if you don't know me or you just don't want read it close it and go serch a life, because maybe you should read this.]

    [The thread is a bit long but if you want know the full sstory take 3 mins of you're life and read it, if you don't want skip it]

    Well im on HollandCraft since allot of time i really don't know how many and im tired to serch it, but for sure almost 4 years, and i spent allot of time here, allot of hours but i don't really think it was a waste of time i think i made a really good work on hc, i started beeing anyone and i leave it beeing probably on the top players of all games, but im not here for tell how good i did my work nah, you can check it by you're self if you know me, im here for explain something.

    In this years i met allot of people, allot of people i can call them "friends" also i met allot of people i can call them "horrible people", if i ever saw you as a friend you will know that i allways made all possible for help you in all i can, if i did not, i have to say sorry, i wasn't the best person, i am not the best person, but i tried all i can to be it, i don't serch any "thanks" i don't really need it but well... all this years was great till...this last years 2016-2017 maybe you saw thinks changed a bit, well for me personally 2016 was a horrible year, and some people helped to do it the worst, the year i was passing made me change my personality a bit and not be the same great nadi and i know it, but, even if it was the worst year anyone knew it because i was showing a face to people for not worry them, till i saw that some persons doesn't think nothing about others, some month ago i had a friend, a goos friend i have to say but he changed, he also had problems, and he paid them with me, i got hacked by him and i losed allot of work, allot of work i have been working on for allot of time, of course i didn't got anything back when they catch him, after that i was going leave hc in these moment because imagine you have been worked on something for allot and someone stole it and you didnt got it back, you probably wiill start insulting this person and ofc leave hc, and i was going do it but one friend stop me he told me that i don't have to be like him he's now banned just forget it and don't go, don't say bye to all this years, and thats is what i did, after that i was thinking all my problems just finished but nah they just started

    After that one person, one person with power on the server decided to hate me, he decided to hate me and i didn't can make nothing for fix it, so i recived all his hate converted on (bans) or (warns) every time i made something can be punished these person took these moment for show me all his hate and make my punish 3 or 4 times bigger (how i know it) im allways looking about people who getts banned or warned by other staff members and they get less punishment for thinks same like i did or worst, and im not the only one who know it.

    He made me hate play hc he made me hate be in hc he made me hate people of hc he made me hate hc so talking to other friend i decided to MUTE myself and not talk to anyone and yeah i did it, i was almost 2 month in silence seeing how friends never made me nothing was talking to me and i never answer them, if you're one of them i have to say sorry but you know know why, all was good, but i started seeing that people was starting hating me for no reasons, yeah NO REASONS, but no i was wrong it was a reason the reason is that they are friends of these person(the one hates me), i got many time humillated by these persons seeing how they insult me and they not let me play pvp-games because they were all time behind me serching me for kill me, with these person seeing these without react and im sure happy for see what he created.

    Then if i didn't just got enought by all those, i earned 3 bugs yeah, just me, i got punished by 3 rare bugs that just affected to me, in those bugs i losed (my work) in 3 different games and ofc in any of them i got anything back, when i reported them i i just saw how they defense their selfes saying they didn't made nothing and without care about me.

    Maybe you want know the names of that persons but no sorry, i will not tell them, im tired, i did all i can for stop them but anyone listen to me now its late, also if you know me you know wich persons i am talking about,
    So why i have to have all those problems? Well, i just know the only way is leave hc, leave all these horrible people, and forget all.
    Sorry to all those friends, people didn't made nothing but i have to leave them too, im sure you for sure understood why i left.

    -THANKS to all those people any day any second helped me in anything
    -THANKS if you ever called me as "friend"
    -THANKS hc because you made me met amazing people like 2 of them that are my brothers
    -THANKS to all those people made me leave this and hate it THANK YOU

    Honorable mentions, THANKS TO:

    @omwro @Mineshadow12345 [Kirito] @Requiem @Lastyoda @dkirk @Jean2233 @TheSneakyCow @WavierRumble @KeomaTM @KaduSH @DegineRojo @Mythicalwolff @DragonX91 @martijnpu @TheShadoPro @justjesse @MrSky010 @DIAMONDS_PvP @Vale000 @SirFrogg / @FrogTaxiDan @DoggyRampage @Drollings @Allard

    And allot of people more i didn't mentione but ill remmeber them.

    If i didn't mentione you and we'r friends im sorry.
    [ If you're on the names i said, just thanks allot i will not forget you ]

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