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    Application Format

    We actually always search for new staff, that's why the alert is still running that we search for new staff members.

    There are 3 ranks where you can apply for and those are the following:
    • Junior Helper
    • Developer
    • Builder
    Junior Helper: Goes through all servers (atleast 2 to 3 different servers per day) to help the people who have a question. If you succeed after a month being Junior Helper you'll be promoted to Helper.
    Developer: Most people think that a Developer is just a person who can configuere a plugin, but it isn't! A Developer is a person who can really make plugins which are unique and not ripped from other Developers.
    Builder: This is someone who can build really really well and where we can ask to build an arena, spawn or lobby for us.

    To get accepted you need to have a premium Minecraft account!
    You can use Dutch or English!

    1. The application has to include the following things:
      • Your name:
      • Your age:
      • Minecraft name:
      • Skype username:
      • Servers within the Hollandcraft Network you play on (Gamemodes):
      • Pictures of things you've build (BUILDER ONLY):
      • Links or videos of the various plugins you made (DEVELOPER ONLY):
      • Motivation:
    2. Your application must have these requirements:
      • It's written in English or Dutch, no other languages will be accepted.
      • Your application needs to have a prefix in front of the title so we know for which rank you're making an application for.
      • Your motivation needs to have atleast 100 words in it. Spamming random words will conclude to a rejection of your application.
    3. You must pass for the following requirements:
      • You can speak English.
      • You're atleast 16 or older.
      • You need to have some Minecraft experience (Knowledge experience, not ingame expercience)
      • You need to have a Premium Minecraft-account.
    4. Following things are not allowed.
      • Don't create a conversation to the staff members with saying that you made an application
      • Don't spam your application link in the shoutbox
      • Making more than 1 application! (If the last application has been a long time ago we can make an exception)
      • Don't lie in your application, if we found out at that you've lied to us it will result in an immediate derank!
      • You're not allowed to be staff in another server.
      • Don't copy applications that you or someone else made for other servers.
    This concludes more or less all the info you need about the applications!

    If you have more questions, you can ask them here.
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