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  1. Orestis
    Orestis MichelDeStar
    my friend got banned for no reasson
  2. PingIsEverything
    Discord: TheWitherParadox#9107
  3. Alexmayous_Br
    Alexmayous_Br LuukDMM
    I was banned from the server because I was unmoved after a teleport was and only after a while could I get out of the place so it was banned automatically and permanently from the server. Can you help me, please? name of my account "Alexmayous_Br".it was a bug.PS:
    I was banished again
  4. Elchapojr
    ᕙ( ^ₒ^ ᕙ)̷ S⃞’⃞L⃞ V⃞O⃞U⃞S⃞ P⃞L⃞A⃞I⃞T⃞
  5. Elchapojr
    ᕙ( ^ₒ^ ᕙ)̷S⃞’⃞L⃞ V⃞O⃞U⃞S⃞ P⃞L⃞A⃞I⃞T⃞
  6. RampageRyanB
    Welp, im bored. So I made this.
  7. ToysMods
    ToysMods LuukDMM
    How can I send a request for a new password bc I forgot mine
    1. LuukDMM
  8. Devid
    Devid MichelDeStar
    Can u check my new password request please !Thanks
  9. Devid
    Devid MichelDeStar
    Hi man I foregot my password please help,Thanks !
  10. Qroqo
    Qroqo admin
    hello i woud lik to becom a staff member of ur servur.
    u can giv me admin or /op is also okey.
    im also from planetminecraft idk if u now it but is populare site.
  11. Qroqo
  12. hslll
    hslll Qroqo
    1. Qroqo
      28 October 2018
  13. GeorgeMartin
    Creating Awareness in Men and Women Related Sexual Health Disorders
  14. O_Tolmwn_nika
    O_Tolmwn_nika MichelDeStar
    Hallo, I want to become Helper because there is no one else. I'm one of the few people still playing survival and some people want help or to put me builder for the shop alone of survival. (how do I apply?) (I just do not know foreign languages very well)
  15. _TheMark
    I wish I could turn back time... to the good old days.
  16. erick34
    somebody help me log on the server
  17. xXY0L0SWAGXx
    Waiting to Connect to this Server...
  18. LuukDMM
    You've never seen anyone like me
  19. Lex_3
    Im an Belgian Player :3
  20. ronald135