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  1. Lex_3
    Im an Belgian Player :3
  2. ronald135
  3. The51Hood
    The51Hood vosje2
    Hey Vosje, long time no talk, how are you?
    1. vosje2
      Hello I'm good, you?
      19 June 2018
    2. The51Hood
      Im good. Im good. Dont see you ingame these days?
      20 June 2018
  4. DoggyRampage
    Everything that has a beginning, has an ending.
  5. Gugouls
  6. xXY0L0SWAGXx
    Hallo!, Hi!, Hola!, Oi!
  7. Pervigeo
    Pervigeo vosje2
    hey, hoe kom ik op de server, hij zegt steeds dat het wachtwoord fout is
    1. vosje2
      30 March 2018
  8. noammeshulam
    noammeshulam Mineshadow12345 [Kirito]
    oi miney :p first comment here xD
  9. Luelson
    Luelson martijnpu
    Thank you very much, I'm really sorry.
  10. Luelson
    Luelson martijnpu
    I really wanted you to disband my account, I really like the server and I'm very sorry I used Xray, I know I deserve it, but ... everyone does not deserve a second chance? I wanted to ask only this chace I promise that this will not happen, I play on the server a long time ... and I wanted to my account back, please ... I swear swearing that it will never happen again for me to use hack or some kind of cheat
  11. minercraf111
    Why do I have a steve head here
  12. guyspoop37
    Good PVPer, learning to jitter click and butterfly. I wish to be Helper of HC.
  13. guyspoop37
    Just A Teenager Who Plays MC
  14. guyspoop37
    guyspoop37 MichelDeStar
    I applied to be Junoir Helper. Please see it. I stated a conversation of it
  15. fortaserra2007
    fortaserra2007 LuukDMM
    ONE HACK WITH A NAME lokigamer666 he kill-aura and anti-kb
  16. fortaserra2007
    fortaserra2007 martijnpu
    Guy one hack with name canaldoerezende he anti kb
  17. LuisBarretoHD
    I feel something is easy...
  18. xiphonex
    xiphonex MichelDeStar
    can guys unband my main acc xiphonex i earn my lesson to not trapp ppl plz i want to come back on the gamee cuz its a good server
  19. marleyDi
    marleyDi vosje2
    ben ik toch nog gebant he xDDDD
  20. Mayday1001